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04 жовтня 2021 - 10 жовтня 2021

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Panasenko S.V.
Characteristics of traveling ionospheric disturbances from incoherent scatter data [Текст] : [monograph] / S. V. Panasenko, K. D. Aksonova, D. V. Kotov; Gulyaeva Publisher : 2021, . - 148 c. граф.,. рис.,. табл.,. Бiблiогр.: с 131-145.

Анотація: This monograph describes the results of detection of traveling ionospheric disturbances and their parameters estimation based on long-term observations using Kharkiv incoherent scatter radar. For a couple of events, the data of other incoherent scatter radars were employed for comparative analysis. The book reports the results of traveling ionospheric disturbance observations during high energy natural and artificial sources.
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Chernogor L. F.
Aperiodic and wave disturbances in the ionosphere: the results of vertical sounding [Текст] : O. V. Bogomaz, L. F. Chernogor, V. V. Barabash, S. V. Katsko ; Nat. Acad. of Sciences of Ukraine, In-t of Ionosphere; eLaunch [Primedia : 2021, . - 160^1с. c. Бiблiогр.: с. 143-159.

Анотація: The monograph presents the study results of aperiodic and quasi-periodic wave perturbations in the ionosphere during unique phenomena in geospace: partial solar eclipses, the fall of the Chelyabinsk cosmic body and during the operation of a powerful radio source - the heating stand «Sura». Experimental data obtained by the method of remote sensing are analyzed.